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Scheduling System - UX Concept


This concept is a continuation of a project I worked on in graduate school. The original idea was a scheduling app that allowed your friends to see your schedule. I saw that he idea has potential to be more than just a scheduling app.

Not only would this scheduling app allow you to share your schedule but it would work in conjunction with your communication devices and apps. This would save a user steps - especially in a business setting - as they could access their calendar while in a phone call to set up an appointment with the person they are on the call with.  

The main screen where the user can view their calendar as well as access their contacts to schedule or call/text/email to coordinate an appointment.

In a phone call, the user has quick access to text, email, and in their calendar to send quick files or schedule an appointment while reducing the number of steps to perform the task.

Still in the phone call, the user can access their calendar and already have the option to schedule with the person they are talking with. 

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